What is Consulting:? Consulting is a Q&A Service that is provided to All Sprinter Owners All over the World & my YouTube Viewers! Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone.


Sprinter Ownership: Owning a Sprinter can be one of the most rewarding experiences! With a Sprinter Van, you can use it for just about any Job when it Works! But Just like everything else out there, nothing lasts for ever, cars & Vans break down, and this one is no difirent. Your Sprinter Will Break sooner or Later and when it does, it will be a huge Headache, especialy if you never had this problem before, it will be crusial to your livelihood, to get some answers as to whats going on, and that is where I come in with Consulting.


Whar is Consulting & How Does it Work:? Lets Say you have an Emergency situaltion with your Sprinter and YOU Have allot of Questions and YOU need imidiate Answers Lke, having the ability to describe your sprinter situation, and getting direct answer from ZIMALETA thats tailored to your speciphic Sprinter Problem or need's. Well now you Can! by getting on a Call with ZIMALETA, or Having the ability to send a Text Massage with your questions or send a Video or do a Video Confrence with ZOOM or FACE TIME, You Can do that.


Consulting Service Cost:? is on a Limited Special For Just $60., Normaly $100.

 If you are READY to To Get On A CALL NOW, Just simply Deposit $60-$100 into my Paypal.


NOTE: if you Just Payed me Please Send me an email, to let me know it was you that just sent me money, my Email Adress is zimaleta@gmail.com but when i see money come through I get instant notification and if i dont know who just Payed me, Then i will email you with your paypal email, so eather way you will get my help!!!

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