Sprinter Diagnostics & Repair

 ZIMALETA LLC is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of services, Starting with ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW SPRINTER HELP CHANNEL  Helping Sprinter Owners to Resolve Chalanging Sprinter Problems, was the main goal of the Channel, Now I offer Sprinter Service at my Shop in South Carolina, also if you are far away but need my Help, I offer Consulting Over the Phone, I own 8 Sprinters and NOW I sell Sprinter Parts, Check out my eBay Store ZIMALETA MOTORS


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Have Sprinter or Expedite related Questions:? Consulting Service is Available! learn More 


ZIMALETA Sprinter Service Garage: If you are wondering If I am Servicing Sprinters for my YouTube Viewers, Yes I do!!!

early This Year 2020 Sprinter Owners From all over the Country Started Bringing me there Sprinter Vans for me to Service, so it all Started from my back Yard, but in the upcoming 2 months I will Start Building a 30X60 by 14 Sprinter Repair Shop, so far I only got enought money to Build a Pole Barn Style Garage and a Concrete Floor, with a Roof Over my Head, but thats it, if you want to make my Shop a Dream Come True For me, You Can Donate to Help Raise Money to Build my Shop, I would really apreciate, more money means more choices, for now i cant afford to hire help, this means i will build it my self by hand pice by pice. 


My Mission: ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW SPRINTER HELP, was Started back in 2015, with one Goal in mind, to help Every Sprinter Owners in the World FREE Through my Sprinter Help Videos, now with over 5,000,000.00 Million Views on the Channel, I Really Helped Allot of People to say the least, this is more then I ever thought was posible, but I am not stoping there, I am improving my Content to make it even Better, but sad to Say Sprinter Videos is not whats making me money on YouTube, it is Sponsored by me, but allot of work goes into Sprinter Videos, with my Donated time and money to the Cause, this is why i would like to ask for your suport in donating me any money by pressing PayPal, I never asked for help, while helping many, it would be nice to be viewer suported to show you apreciation for all the hard work that i do on my Channel. 


SPRINTER PARTS: are now Available in my ebay store ZIMALETA MOTORS feel free to check out the Hot Link by Clicking on ZIMALETA MOTORS to see whats up for SALE, if you dont see your Part just email me to ask me if i got it, and I will make a listing for you with your part.


Q&A: If you have any questions feel free to email me at zimaleta@gmail.com


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